When WordPress updates, it automatically installs a .maintenance file. You can create partitions, resize them, merge them, or split them, all through one software.

This will run the command for the “C” or System drive. OpenCommand Prompt and execute the following command.

How to Fix Google Chrome not working on Windows 10 3 Best Methods

A piece of professional and powerful backup software – MiniTool ShadowMaker is your best choice. Every time you turn off your computer, the system memory will save a copy of your registry.

How do I check my hard drive in BIOS?

Once the test completes, the device will restart and load Windows 11 again. If you want to check the results, you need to use the Event Viewer. Finally, press the “F10” key to return to the main page, and the scan will start automatically on the computer. Upon restart, the tool will start testing the Standard mode right away. In this mode, the Windows Memory Diagnostic tool will run all the scans available in the Basic mode, in addition to LRAND, Stride6 0xC0000374, CHCKR3, WMATS+, and WINVC tests. If your device has memory problems, you can find out using this built-in memory diagnostic tool on Windows 11. I am having intermittent hangs on Win10 startup with “Page fault in non-paged area”.

You can fix the items one after another by reviewing each issue then selecting Fix Issue. Clicking on the Fix all selected issues tab will fix any broken registry item. Reinstalling 0x80244010 Windows or resetting your computer can get rid of broken registry items. You can fix broken registry items by a registry backup restoration by following the instruction given below.

Then, start up the PC and constantly press Del or a certain specific key to enter BIOS. Finally, change boot priority and boot from the created bootable USB. Nowadays, a lot of Windows 10 users are reporting a common error that shows a message “Repairing disk errors” repeatedly appearing on their screen. It seems like an irritating error as it appears on the boot screen and doesn’t allow you to proceed.

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